Thirty-Fifth Thing: Pushing the Envelope

After the success of my last improvised sewing projects, I decided to try another, not least as I had leftover fleece from my ear warmer to use up (wow, it’s hard to imagine it was that cold only a few months ago… I guess that’s the joy of the UK climate).

Whilst fitting piping cord and a zip to a cushion had been very satisfying it had also taken ages, so now for a much quicker version: the envelope cushion.

I wonder whether envelopes will gradually disappear, as letters through the post are replaced by digital means of communication (not to mention the crazy hikes in price of postage). What will happen to all those back-of-the-envelope brainstorming ideas and calculations that have proved so important in history? Not to mention, where will I write my grocery shopping list? Envelope is such a lovely word, so close to envelop, which always puts me in mind of wrapping myself in a duvet like a human sausage roll. I must make a resolution to write more letters.

And perhaps the way to find the time to do that is with some simpler blue projects. This cushion only requires one hem, which is to be the flap of the envelope. It’s important to then remember that in order for this to be on the outside when it’s turned the right way around, it needs to be on the very inside when the edges are sewn together.

Otherwise it was indeed a quick and easy project and having already dozed on the train with my head against this cushion, I can testify to how comfortable it is for a nap on public transport, or indeed on a desk (should you not already own an ostrich pillow).

Tools / special requirements: Remember to set thread tension on the sewing machine to cope with thick fabric

Time taken:30 minutes (maximum)

Things learned: There are 754 entries in The British Postal Museum & ArchiveĀ online database when you search for the word ‘envelope’. I cycle passed this museum almost every day, perhaps I should actually visit.








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