Thirty-Third Thing: Box of delights

I’ve never been very good at throwing away scraps of paper and card that might, one day, be useful. Nor cardboard boxes. Indeed I still have the box in which my first new computer arrived in 2001 (iMac DV indigo. Come to think of this, it was possibly the start of my blue obsession…) That said, it DID come in useful, being large and strong it was packed full for a number of house moves over the years and is now in the attic, full of stuff I can’t bear to part with. When, oh when, will I learn to be a minimalist?

Last summer, I purchased some garden furniture (blue, of course) and enjoyed al fresco dining on many a bright, sunny evening. The box in which the table and chairs came was just too good to waste.

So, with a couple of rolls of fun wrapping paper, some navy carpet tape to make the edges and corners tougher and some lovely sparkly ribbon to use as a trim, it’s become a storage box for unused frames, cardboard tubes, mountboard and various other supplies that I know I will one day make use of.

Tools / special requirements: I stuck the paper down with spray mount and then used double sided tape for the sparkly ribbon. I’m lucky to have enough floor space for this kind of project. I guess my home can’t be so cluttered…

Time taken: 1 hour give or take

Things learned: Never throw away useful-looking boxes, they will always come in eventually

Satisfaction (1-10): 7 the paper was rather thin and got a little crinkled in places plus meant the corrugated texture of the box showed through














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