Thirty-First Thing: Back in the saddle

It has been quite some time since my last blog post, indeed it is a whole new year now. Events and changes in the rest of my life conspired to keep me distracted and busy in the latter part of 2013 so I didn’t manage to complete all 50 blue things in the allocated one year. As my self-imposed deadline approached I even started to stress that I wouldn’t make it and wondered whether I should delete it all. But then I looked at everything I had made or done, and thought about what I had learned in the process, and decided to get a grip. I politely asked myself for an extension, which I generously granted myself, so I’m now back on course with some new blue projects underway for 2014.

First up, time to get the sewing machine whirring again. Having only had a few lessons and not enough practise, I was slightly apprehensive about whether I could even thread it up right, nevermind adjust the stitch size or keep a straight line.

I just hoped that, like riding a bike, once you got back in the saddle it would all comes naturally (and tried not about think about those first few wobbly bike rides after a long break from two wheels).

Talking of cycling, in this particularly windy winter, keeping warm outdoors is rather challenging, especially at speed and most notably the ears. Having found a hat under my helmet too bulky, I decided to make an ‘ear-covering headband’. What are they called? Do they even have a name? Given that someone came up with ‘snood‘ you’d imagine there must be one…

Anyway, having purchased some beautiful faded turquoise, super soft fleece fabric, I stitched a tube, turned it right way out and then attached the ends together to form a ring and stitched up the join. The thickness of four layers of fleece required some thread tension adjustments but with a little trial and error, I managed to tweak the machine to run smoothly, and only broke two needles in the process.

Tools / special requirements: sewing machine, fleece fabric, spare needles

Time taken: 1 hour

Things learned: According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word ‘snood’ (in relation to headgear) was first recorded in Old English around 725, although it didn’t come to mean a tubular scarf until the 1960s.

Satisfaction (1-10): 7. Stitching a bit wobbly in parts.













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