Twenty-Fourth Thing: The Longest Day

I had intended to post this yesterday but had a killer headache that messed up my plans. Instead of being out and about, enjoying the longest day / latest sunset of the year – and it was a particularly bright, clear sky in 2013 – I spent the evening motionless in a darkened room, trying to keep the daylight out. And now, although there may be more sunny evenings ahead this summer, the earth is beginning its tilt in the other direction, and each day is getting undeniably shorter.

I’ve often wondered what it must be like to live in a part of the globe where there is little variance between winter and summer day length. Does time seem to pass in the same way when it’s not being marked out by such definite changes of season? Today’s sunrise and sunset are only a few minutes different to yesterday’s and yet the significance is striking. The nights are drawing in.

So while I’ve got minutes on my mind, I have another clock-related blue task to record. This time it required only a minor intervention to add enough blueness, so I have time to get out and enjoy the light evenings while they last.

Tools / special requirements: Indelible pen in metallic blue.

Time taken: 30 mins.

Things learned: ‘Solstice’ is also the name of a doom metal band; a British neo-progressive rock band formed in 1980; and a death metal band.

Satisfaction (1-10): I didn’t notice when I bought the plain clock that 12, 3, 6, and 9 are all slightly larger and I don’t like it. So satisfaction is low: 3.








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