Twentieth Thing: Mr blue sky

There was lots of talk this March as to whether it would be a White Easter (and indeed some people placed bets on this and won). Certainly it’s been the coldest, but personally, I’m more interested in the colour of the sky than what falls from it. After many weeks (months?) of greyness, it’s just nice to have some snatches of sunshine and patches of blue sky, even if gloves and thermals are still compulsory.

The past few weeks of thick snow and sub-zero temperatures have been hard on wildlife. Puffins have been perishing and lambs lost in snowdrifts. I’m hoping that, as we move into the fourth month of the year, the worst of the winter weather is over and we can look forward to a new season.

With renewal and rebirth in mind, what better than some nests filled with eggs and chicks to adorn the Easter table, alongside the ubiquitous Easter bunnies. This fictional character has apparently been ‘laying eggs’ in the US since the 18th century. Some say the bunny is actually a hare – which doesn’t help my understand the biology of an egg-laying Leporid, but does remind me of a joke: Why did the bald man draw a rabbit on his head? Because from a distance it look liked a hare. Ok, that one works better verbally than written down.

The nests I made are a simple mix of condensed milk and egg white, plus flaked coconut and cereal (in this case: puffed wheat, favourite of my mother’s long lost ginger cat Winston, and also in reference to St Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians chapter 13, verse 4 – King James version, of course).

I loosely followed this recipe but instead of nutella, I used some (blue wrapped) chocolate with sea salt to cut through the sweetness, melted in an improvised bain marie. And the little blue eggs are a combination of (blue wrapped) pretzel M&Ms and Reese’s peanut butter eggs, kindly brought transatlantic by a friend (who is probably amazed that I managed to save the blue ones this long!)

Tools / special requirements: Paper cases (very sticky mixture!).

Time taken: Roughly an hour.

Things learned: A very cheerful animated video for Mr Blue Sky, made by University of Southern California students, was published via the official ELO website almost 35 years after the song was original released.

Satisfaction (1-10): 8















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