Fourteenth Thing: Blue Monday

Its Friday! Well done people for making it to the weekend. The week started with so-called Blue Monday. For me, every Monday is blue, followed by Blue Tuesday, Blue Wednesday… You get my drift.

Talking of drifts, the snow is really piling high and if it weren’t for my new (blue) goretex snowboots, I wouldn’t be going outside at all.

Staying indoors to weather the storm isn’t such a bad thing: an excuse for curling up and reading books, watching films in front of the fire and eating stodgy comfort food. Why are we meant to be miserable?

January is also a great month for getting organised. There’s not yet the pressure to actually do the spring cleaning, it’s more a month to plan: from making travel plans (just thinking about warmer climates takes the edge of the chill) to sorting out cheaper home insurance or a new mortgage. At any other time of year it would be tedious, but with a laptop and an electric blanket it’s the perfect justification for staying in bed. And if there someone who can bring you tea and cake at regular intervals, all the better.

I confess, I am a compulsive planner. I can’t start anything without having a to do list. I still leave things to the last minute, you understand, but I know exactly when that minute will come, so I make the deadline and am praised for being so organised.

As most of my lists are scribbled on the backs of envelopes or post its, sometimes they do go astray. The urgent task is usually held in my memory anyway, but as its not 100% reliable I’ve been thinking about a centralised system.

Inspired by this, I have created the ultimate blue and sparkly To Do board to keep track of the immediate tasks for the coming week and the other things not to forget. Designed around post-it notes, reminders can move from month to week as they become more urgent.

And to make sure that familiarity doesn’t breed contempt and I continue to notice this notice (I love it when the same word as verb and noun can be used in one sentence) I’ve got swappable fonts. Some days you’re more Berlin Sans than Broadway. I wonder what the font for Blue Monday is. I guess Peter Saville would know.











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