Thirteenth Thing: Old, new, borrowed…

… blue.

I never understood why a bride has such a specific list of things to bring to the wedding ceremony, when a bridegroom only has to remember to remove the price tag from his shoes. Maybe it’s to give the woman a chance to prove her superior multi-tasking abilities, right from the get go.

And until now, I didn’t know why blue came into it at all (other than rhyming neatly with new) but apparently, before Queen Victoria made white weddings all the rage, blue was a popular a colour for wedding dresses, with sayings like, “Married in blue, you’ll always be true”.

Blue symbolised love, modesty, fidelity and purity, which is why it was historically also the colour of the Virgin Mary‘s robes in art, the pigment made with lapis lazuli, a precious stone from Afghanistan. but that’s a whole other story

If I were richer, I could present my female friends some lapis for luck at their nuptials, or maybe even a sapphire. But instead, they have to make do with a more synthetic blue and sparkly ‘gemstone’, conveniently fixed to a card for safe keeping.

Tools / special requirements: Superglue. And my Dymo label maker returns again.

Time taken: 15 minutes

Things learned: The word ‘bride’ is thought to come from the Proto-Germanic verb root *brū-, meaning ‘to cook, brew, or make a broth’. Whereas the word ‘groom’ has its origin in the Greek for ‘remover of spiders from the bath tub’. (Ok, I made up that last bit).

Satisfaction (1-10): 8 – should have put a little less superglue on, it squidged out a bit.






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