Ninth Thing: Not the end of the world

Every calendar has an end date: in the Book of Common Prayer of my childhood, dates for Easter Sunday stretched way into the future, right up to the year 2000. For the Mayans, it was 21 December 2012, but it turned out, like most things, that it wasn’t the end of the world. Perhaps all those extra purchases of spam and baked beans were good for the world economy.

So we made it through Hogmanay 2012, and today we collectively nurse our heads, change our calendars and start a brand new year with fresh resolve and hope.

I found this wonderful 2013 calendar fabric on Spoonflower, an online print-to-order user-content-generated internet portal type thing (maybe there’s a proper name for it?) Many happy hours can be spent looking at all the blue options, some more of which will undoubtedly turn up in future posts.

I had thought about putting it in a clip frame, but then found a cheap “canvas” on a stretcher bar to attach it to. This justified the purchase of a staple gun and I had my first lesson in stretching (courtesy of some verbal instructions from my mother). The key, so I learned, is to staple top and bottom, then each side and then work outwards with one staple on each edge in turn.

As I neared the corners, I realised that I hadn’t asked what to do when I got there, and regretted never properly learning hospital corners, but I managed to work something out which doesn’t look too bad.

So here’s hoping for a calm and enjoyable 2013.

My resolutions? To take more advice from Mary Schmich (via Baz Luhrmann): to sing, floss and stretch.

Tools / special requirements:  iron, stretcher bar, staple gun.

Time taken: 30 minutes.

Things learned: the world will allegedly end in 2013.

Satisfaction (1-10): 7 – edges aren’t completely even but I can certainly live with it for the next 365 days.









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