Eighth Thing: Boxing Day

Okay so I realise that it’s not Boxing Day. That was on 26th December: also known as the Feast of Stephen and the first day of Kwanzaa.

When I was very young, I wondered why boxing was celebrated with a special public holiday: was it really the most special sport or was it nothing to do with throwing punches and about boxes (particularly the ones in which Christmas presents had come)? In my childhood, it was the day when my parents and their neighbours had a big, all day house party, making it one my favourite days in the calendar.

These days, unless I hit the sales or go out for a country walk, it’s easy for the day to pass without much happening. I did manage to get up off the sofa and dig out my many sheets of blue wrapping paper (I can never resist buying it) and the shoes boxes I’d been hoarding ready for this task. It amused me greatly to see that one pair of shoes were named UNLADY!

If you are careful with the layout, one sheet of wrapping paper covers one shoe box pretty perfectly. For this one, it was double-sided paper so I had the dilemma of which pattern to use.

I always start with the lid and use spraymount plus double-sided sellotape around the edges. I’ll also varnish with PVA to make them a bit tougher.

I still have another five boxes to do, but for now, here’s today’s blue task, plus some others that I made earlier.

Tools / special requirements: craft knife, metal ruler, spray mount, double sided tape, PVA

Time taken: 1 hour

Things learned:. Good King Wenceslaus was actually a 10th Century Bohemian Duke not a King, who was made a saint after he was assassinated by his brother, Boleslav the Cruel.

Satisfaction (1-10): 9.5 – a near perfectly pleasurable task.













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