Fourth Thing: Handbags and gladrags

I was fortunate enough to be given a lovely little handbag for my birthday last year in the perfect shade of teal, complete with a lovely flower print lining. I always imagine that I am pretty easy to buy presents for. I’m basically happy with anything blue, and if you manage to find something green-blue (different to blue-green: see Crayola crayons to understand the distinction) it’s bound to be a winner in my books.

There are almost as many types of handbags as types of spoon (see previous post). And while I’m not as obsessed as your average British woman, and can’t understand why any sane human being would wait 6 years for one, I do have a fair few. I have the odd clutch bag, more than strictly necessary number of shoulder bags, plenty of rucksacks and a drawers stuffed with cotton totes, in the delusion that I will remember to take them when I head out grocery shopping.

The best type of bag is one with a cross-body strap. Less likely to slide off at the wrong moment. Better for cycling. However, the strap on this teal bag wasn’t quite long enough to sling over my head, so I’ve been pondering a solution for 12 months months and today it came to me that bracelets would work a charm! With a matching pair attached to each end of the strap, it becomes the perfect length. And if I ever find myself under-accessorised when I’m out and about, I can disconnect them and wear them around my wrists.

Tools / special requirements: none

Time taken: 5 minutes

Things learned: A hard-cased handbag is called a minaudière.

Satisfaction (1-10): 3 – it’s a bit bling but I will test drive it and see how it goes.







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