Third Thing: Three’s a crowd

Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd.

And if you’ve got company, you might want to offer them food, perhaps even a meal, and unless you’re serving toast, chances are you’ll need to have cutlery.

It seems to me that the a mark of civilised society is to keep knives, forks and spoons in their own separate compartments. Indeed properly posh people have a canteen, so each item has a velvet lined slot. Certainly you don’t want to keep spoons with your crockery, given their propensity to run off with dishes (in fairness, this was in reaction to witnessing the spectacle of bovine lunar leaping).

Of course, if I followed style of South East Asia I’d use chopsticks, there would be no need for cutlery. Interestingly, ‘spoon’ in Japanese is ‘spoon’ (pronounced supün). And who knew there were so many variations?

Task number three is some simple labelling to avoid confusion when the drawer is half open / half closed. Luckily I had some nice blue Dymo tape to make for a retro, mixtape cassette-style label.

Tools / special requirements: Dymo label maker. Mine came from Rymans.

Time taken: 10 minutes (you can’t hurry Dymoing ) plus it took some time to decide whether to be singular or plural.

Things learned: The Cutler are an electronica band from Hull, whose most recent album is ‘The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things’.

Satisfaction (1-10): 2 – the very existence of this task reveals way too much about my OCD tendencies, but at least I don’t put my forks and spoons in the wrong place now. I can sleep soundly tonight.





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