make up holder

First Things First: A place for everything…

The phrase first appeared in print in a story published by the Religious Tract Society in 1799 called The Naughty Girl Won: “Before, however, Lucy had been an hour in the house she had contrived a place for everything and put everything in its place.”

How apt! It’s a way of life I aspire to. Ask me again a year from now whether I have come any closer to achieving it.

My first blue ‘thing’ has an air of a Blue-Peter-style craft project (complete with sticky backed plastic and an old detergent container). I don’t usually hang on to packaging for fear of turning into an extreme hoarder, but sometimes the recycling bin delivers the right thing for the job.

In this case, I wanted to make a container for all the things required to make me feel (if not look) presentable before leaving the house. Usually strewn across the bedroom, if not the house, I thought if they were all in one, tidy place, those wasted minutes spent searching for them could be bonus time in bed. On top of which, I would be less likely to give up in despair and inflict my dishevelledness upon everyone else. Win-win.

My P&G friends will no doubt be delighted to spot the Fairy capsules box. The glittery self-adhesive paper came from Paperchase (purchased circa 2005 to make Christmas cards but then I couldn’t bring myself to chop it up, so it lived for many years on the wall above my bed, to give me blue, sparkly dreams), and the holder was an impulse-purchase shower organiser from Habitat (in the epic sale when the Regent Street branch closed down) but I never got around to hanging in the bathroom.

Tools / special requirements: sharp knife and metal ruler, plus a ventilated space for spray painting.

Time taken: about an hour, including attaching it to wall (don’t judge me on the horrible wallpaper, that’s on the list of things to do something about) and finding all the things to put in it.

Things learned: Paperchase is owned by the 7th Earl of Minto. I own 7 hairbrushes.

Satisfaction (1-10): 7.5 – could have got the corners neater but not bad for task number one.


Fairy box

Chopped to right height

Spray bottom

Spray bottom

Cover with glittery sticky backed plastic

Cover with glittery sticky backed plastic

make up holder

It’s blue. Its sparkly.

Attached to wall and filled with stuff

Attached to wall and filled with stuff


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